Friday, November 14


Assalamualaikum *smile*

I love You,  baby!

So far these are the clothes Mummy Daddy bought for you through online. Hihihi.
Mummy is excited like that.
Actually Mummy yang berkenan dan Mummy yang order! Hikhikhik.
More to come maybe. Or maybe Mummy stop dulu beli online sampai Baby lahir nanti.
Boleh percaya ke? Hahaha. 
Since Mummy Daddy don't know your gender yet, so we just bought the color that we think for both gender! Hahaha.

Tapi baju-baju ni bukan Baby lahir boleh terus pakai okay.
All these clothes Mummy beli size 3-6 months. Hehe.
For your newborn clothes Mummy Daddy beli dekat baby shop and mall okay.
Dah beli pon a few. Hehe. 
For newborn maybe Mummy tak beli banyak la untuk Baby okay, nanti cepat besar pulak, hehe.

See, Mummy is so excited! :) 

Stay strong & Grow healthy Baby boo! 

This Sunday, Mummy got check up. Please Baby boo, this time show us your gender! Hahaha!
Mummy already ask Daddy to go for 4D scan. Soon baby! Can't wait! 

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