Thursday, November 6


Assalamualaikum *smile*

6 November -  a year ago! I still remember how the pain was. I still remember how it start to happen.
I still remember how hard I am at that time to accept the situation. I only have a chance to carry for 14 weeks only. But after all, I know that is Qada and Qadar Allah. 

On 1st July this year, I found out that I am pregnant again. Thankful. HE listen our doa. HE know our HOPE. 

HE give me a chance to feel the moment again. He give me a chance to carry our zuriat again. 

Dear baby, while Mummy post this entry, you are now 24 weeks. It means that, you're 6 months now in my belly. You started to kick a few weeks ago. But recently I think you are more active than before. Hehe. It's okay baby, I'm enjoying this moment. I really do. Last night, when Daddy put his face on my tummy, you kick more often than before. I know you listen what I've told you before, show to Daddy your super kicking when Daddy put his face or hand on my tummy. Hehehe. You are so cute baby. Daddy laugh when he can feel your kicking. Nice baby, good job! 
Baby, grow healthy and stay strong okay? Mummy and Daddy love you so much! We can't wait to meet you on March next year, InsyaAllah. But baby, why you don't show us your gender yet? Alaaa. Now Mummy is so confusing to buy your stuffs. Maybe Mummy needs to buy a general color for your clothes, hihi. Yep yep, Mummy already starts buying your things. OMG, Mummy is so excited. 
All are cute! Hihi.

Love you baby! 

Your cute Mummy and your handsome Daddy! 

Bye! :) 

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